Anju's Academy

Welcome to Anjus Tuition Centre, your premier destination for comprehensive and engaging Math and Science education. With locations in Jurong East and Kovan, we specialize in making learning fun and captivating for students at the Singapore Local Primary& Secondary (including IP), CBSE, IGCSE, and ICSE levels. Our dedicated team of tutors is committed to igniting curiosity and helping students visualize complex concepts in real life, inspiring a lifelong love for learning.

We Offer:

  • Tuitions for Singapore Local Primary & Secondary (including IP), CBSE, IGCSE, and ICSE levels.

  • Subjects covered: Maths, Science, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Science.

  • Emphasis on maintaining high-quality education standards.

  • Affordable fees to fit within your family budget.

  • Free trial class available to experience the teaching style and assess suitability.

  • Flexible learning options with on-site and online lessons available.

Fees Structure

Class Fees per month
Class 4 S$100
Class 5 S$100
Class 6 S$120
Class 7 S$120
Class 8 S$150
Class 9 S$200
Class 10 S$200
Class 11 S$220
Class 12 S$250
  • Monthly fees are charged per subject.
  • Each subject includes 3 sessions per week.
  • For classes 4 to 8, each session has a duration of 1.5 hours.
  • For classes 9 to 12, each session has a duration of 2 hour
  • We offer 1-to-1 classes tailored to meet your specific needs with separate fees


Our personalized classes ensure effective progress towards students' goals, enhancing understanding for better exam preparation and revision.

Our Pride

Our dedicated graduate tutors, with at least a Bachelor's Degree from reputable universities, utilize results-proven materials and teaching methods to create a unique and enriching learning experience.

Our Standard

We provide students with top-notch educational resources, including notes, practice papers, and worksheets, to enhance note-taking efficiency, thorough question analysis, and precise response crafting.

Are you ready to skyrocket your exam performance and achieve academic excellence?

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Hasnath Hussain

An excellent tutor who goes beyond and above to ensure that her students have understood the topic being taught and are well prepared to face their exams. There’s always some kind of additional resource given to the students to help them get more practice.
Apart from this, Anju Ma’am is a very caring and friendly teacher. My kids are blessed to have her teach them. All I have to do is send my kids to her and I can rest assured that they ll be well taken care of by their teacher. It was her passion which piqued my son’s interest in Math and helped him score an A1 in his 10 th board exams.
My heartfelt thanks to her and my best wishes to Anju Ma’am for her future endeavours. I’m sure she’s going to be a huge success.

Paltu kumar Jana

We have been so grateful to Anju as my daughter's private tutor. She is highly talented, friendly and hard working tutor. We have observed my daughter did a lot of improvement for her efficient tution. She always give her best and give the time to the students beyond her limit. Anju can diagnosis the students capability and teach them accordingly. We highly recommended Anju as a best private tutor.

Lakshmi Rai

My daughter has been doing well after joining your tution even though she joined few months back.She has gained more confident in doing her exam by the practice u have given her and also she is clear with concepts she learns in the tution. You have been constantly giving worksheets, important questions,test papers,etc which help my daughter gain more confidence on that chapter.Thanks

Nish Sha

We are very happy and relaxed now, because before that he was not interested in doing math and now we are surprised to see his interest after sending the tuition. Not only this, the way of your teaching is highly appreciated and he will be easily understood. His scores are bit better than before. Thank you for giving me your input for my son.

Pankaj Mehta

Anju Teacher is very Dedicated/Passionate about teaching and these qualities make her one of the best teachers I have come across. She is very clear in the topics she teaches and students comfort level with her is also very good which makes study easy for students. She’s always available for the students for any clarifications/guidance required.

Yogesh Hinduja

I strongly recommend Anju Mam for her excellent teaching style. Her painstaking efforts and hard work provide my child a strong foundation on her studies. She not only teaches the key subject concepts but provides individual attention to each student and guides them to help and elevate as per their individual levels.She always gives the best guideline for the best future and always motivates students from time to time. In addition to that she develops all her students to get their best.
I would like to Thank Anju Mam for all the help and support to my kid on her higher studies.

Niranjana Devi Sundararaj

My son has improved his performance in academics since he has joined this tuition. Now he could score good marks consistently and he could also get more practice and exposure to many sums and problems. The teacher is very friendly and she clears doubts of the students even after tuition timings. Timings of the tuition are very flexible for everyone to attend. Thank you!


Ms.Anju is a very passionate teacher, who is totally focused on the child results. She has been guiding my Daughter for the past couple of years and has incredibly improved her grades from B’s to A’s. She continuously reinforces on the weak areas of the child in her practice sessions that had helped my Daughter to move forward tremendously.
Being a working mom while juggling between different responsibilities, I totally rely on her as she is a master of all subjects (Math/Sci/Social) and I am fortunate to have her around!!

Senthil Kumar

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Anju ma'am who is dedicated and committed towards teaching and guiding students at the best level. Further queries can be clarified at any point of time and teacher very happy to answer. Truly amazing and all students can join, utilize teachers knowledge and develop their skills.

Zeba Zaheer

Anju has been a very nice and motivating tutor and she really works hard on the child, my son has shown improvement since he joined her. I am happy with her hard work and dedication.


Anju Mam is a very dedicated teacher. She helps kids after tuition hours,late night hours also she has helped my kids if they had any doubts during exams. My kids like her teaching style and they have improved a lot in Maths. I wish her the very best in her future endeavours.